What people are saying...

Faye General Comments:

"You totally changed into at least five different people while you were telling stories last night. What a talent!!" Nancy McGlasson.

"There is music in your movements."
Tom Russell, Art Director, CityView Magazine

Storytellers and Authors:

"Faye has the stage presence, the voice, and the skills to draw folks to her storytelling and keep them there."
Lyn Ford, Storyteller

"It was a pleasure hearing your stories. You have a wonderful gift and an infectious energy." Dean Pitchford, Author and Composer

Children and Youth:

"I was amazed at how well the ADHD kids would listen to stories and for how long. They certainly enjoyed themselves. Thank you for giving your time to our young cancer patients."
Chaplain Rick Callaway, East Tennessee Children's Hospital

"Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and stories with us. You increased our appreciation of storytelling and it's elements." Youth Leadership Blount


"You made me feel like I was back home." Wounded soldier at the USO Warrior Center in Landsthul, Germany

"Your program was sensational!! The common question was, 'When can we have her again?' You made me the most popular Ex-POW. Everyone was convinced that you were a real nurse in Vietnam." Glen Burchby, Sr Vice Commander, Smoky Mountain Chapter, American Ex-Prisoners of War

Ghost Stories:

"Your performance was brilliant...brilliant. You were terrifying." Dr. H.D.S. Khalsa.

"People told us you were floating when you told those ghost stories on the trolleys. They said your feet never touched the ground." Lila Wilson, Director, City of Pigeon Forge Special Events.