An Appalachian native, Faye weaves "Laughter, Legends, Lessons and Life" into storytelling performances and workshops for all ages.

Faye’s storytelling began as a gift from her father, and she honed her performance skills by earning a Master’s Degree in Story Arts from East Tennessee State University. She has published various articles for magazines and books and was a guest editor for Storytelling World Magazine. She has conducted storytelling workshops in a number of venues.

Faye’s life story is as colorful as the stories she tells. Born an “army brat” in Ft. Benning, Georgia, she spent many of her childhood days on military bases and the family dairy farm or in her grandfather’s drug store. Her friends and family are sometimes astonished by the wide variety of her activities and interests.

At Tennessee Wesleyan College she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Piano Performance, and today she uses those skills to enhance her performances with smaller musical instruments.

Her experiences as a banker, classroom teacher, university administrator, conference speaker and workshop facilitator combine to make her workshops fun, exciting, motivational and on target.

As a student of nature Faye has trapped bears in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for research purposes; studied dendrology and herbs and their uses as she hiked mountain trails; helped rehabilitate injured raptors and was present at a prescribed burn that didn’t happen. Her volunteer services have involved pet therapy visits to nursing homes and American Red Cross Disaster Action Team responsibilities.

Today Faye continues her storytelling journey by traveling the world with her husband, Tom, in search of new friends, exciting adventures and exhilarating stories.

    Faye’s musical voice has
    a deep hypnotic quality…
    her performances touch
    the fabric of people’s lives.